Life and Times of an Arcanoloth

The Story


Our level-1 PCs are as follows: Glasya Labolis the Arcanoloth Monk, Gimble Glib the Gnome Bard, Lizardman the Lizardman, and ForgettablePC the ForgettablePC.

The PCs have met up with eachother on the road toward the Capitol City and have agreed to work together to look for work because they’re all dirt poor level-1’s.

The guards of the City gate turn out to be drunken bastards that hassle them, sending Lizardman into a rage with their irresponsibility. Lizardman, lacking a ranged weapon, grabs Gimble and flings him at the guards. The Gnome misses and hits the wall, and shoots Lizardman with his crossbow. Lizardman procedes to beat the everloving shit out of Gimble. The guards attempt to stop Lizardman, who escapes them by fleeing into the city.

The PCs are allowed through the gates, and rent rooms at an Inn. Lizardman returns later that evening. The next day they assist in stopping a gang of children-thieves by punching them in the face. Due to constant teasing and verbal abuse, Gimble kills himself in the night by hanging himself with bedsheets out the window. This leads to the dissolving of the party.

Glasya answers an ad calling for adventurers and joins forces with The Prince, Arden the Human Scout, and BipolarRaptoran the Raptoran Sorceror. Their mission is to escort and protect The Prince while he attempts to regain control of a Tower under control by The King, who is a Lich.

The PCs must travel through a forest to reach the tower, and are attacked by wolves. During this fight The Prince, who is of higher level, is almost killed by wolves. What a loser.

The PCs arrive at the Tower, which is filled with zombies. The PCs defeat the zombies, and explore the first floor. Each character opens a door, and the Prince and BipolarRaptoran find nothing. Arden opens a door to find a Chest, which is filled with Treasure. Glasya opens a door and is caught in a trap that collapses the ceiling on top of him, near killing him. Arden is too busy laughing and looting to help.

The Prince decides against risking their lives taking back the Tower, and returns back to the Capitol with the PCs. The Prince leaves the party, and the PCs are put to work in the city.

There has been an uprising, and the insurgents have barricaded themselves in a section of the city. The PCs must defeat them, and reclaim the district. Arden has discovered that alcohol is flammable, and buys several barrels of wine from a wine merchant. He straps these to his back and flips the weight rules the bird. Arden confuses the insurgents by rolling the wine barrels at them from a hidden location and blowing them up by using a flaming arrow. Arden defeats all the insurgents in a similar fashion.


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